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We create advanced virtual humans, operating state-of-the-art volumetric capture studios worldwide.


Volumetric Video
3D Avatars
Live Performance
Polymotion Stage

Best-in-class volumetric video capture for photo-realistic virtual humans.

Break free from the constraints of traditional live action film and video by embracing the total realism of three dimensional recording with volumetric video.

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Advanced 3D avatars for real-time and VFX pipelines.

As the realism of the worlds that entertain or educate us continue to develop so does the need for human avatars that are truly believable. To help deliver your avatars, Dimension can handle FACs, 3D scanning, face and body rigging, skinning, clothing and full animation, while supporting real-time engines and VFX workflows.

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Create and stream live volumetric characters and humans.

Live performance capture offers exciting creative and experiential opportunities. Whether live 3D avatars or bespoke live volumetric solutions, our team is pushing the boundaries of human performance capture and playback.

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We create incredible virtual worlds.

We are masters at creating high quality virtual worlds, using both photogrammetry and modelling. 

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Capture volumetric content anywhere.

In a transformative move for the world of entertainment, sports and digital media production, Dimension and Mark Roberts Motion Control proudly unveil Polymotion Stage. This state-of-the-art mobile multi-solution studio captures high-quality volumetric video, image and avatar creation at up to 4K with integrated motion capture.

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Discover the incredible creative possibilities.

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Dimension Partner Programme

Get exclusive access to volumetric assets for testing and research.

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