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29th September 2020
New volumetric capture studio Avatar Dimension launches on U.S. East Coast

We're thrilled to share that Microsoft has selected Avatar Dimension, a partnership of three well-established technology companies, as the exclusive licensee for its volumetric capture technology in the Washington, D.C. area. After a rigorous testing process, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios has certified the new studio which is now ready to enter into full operation. The studio captures volumetric digital humans for business and governments, essential for powerful new virtual experiences across all categories.

Avatar Dimension builds on the strength of Avatar Studios of St. Louis, Dimension Studio, and Sabey Data Centers and will operate from a brand-new studio in Ashburn, VA located within Sabey’s Intergate Ashburn data center complex.

Using Microsoft’s best-in-class software and the brand new “Volucam” cameras from IO Industries, the studio will create holographic and volumetric content for government, business enterprises and immersive agencies, with a special emphasis on immersive and mixed reality training.

At the VR/AR Summit, being held online on Oct. 1, Avatar Dimension will host a panel including Microsoft and other experts on entitled, “Moving Virtual Mountains: The Tipping Point that will Catapult Volumetric Capture to Mass Adoption.” For more information, click here.

Volumetric capture turns humans and objects into holographic 3D images that look real from any 360-degree angle. There are rapidly growing commercial, and enterprise needs to blend the physical world with digital to serve their customers, ranging from enterprise life-like training taught anywhere on the planet; health care for advanced learning; military; entertainment of all kinds; and more.

Avatar Dimension opens doors in the coming months in the Washington D.C. area. to serve the east coast and other global needs. The choice of Washington D.C. puts the studio near enterprise, military centres, health care companies, and entertainment.

"From the Madonna holograms we created for the Billboard Music Awards to the Covid training created for the UK's National Health Service, volumetric and real-time technologies are raising the bar for user engagement, with new possibilities emerging every day”

Simon Windsor | Joint Managing Director, Dimension

“Avatar Dimension is built on decades of experience for leading brands,” explains Dennis Bracy, CEO of Avatar Dimension. “Our studio results are realistic and engrossing. For enterprise operations looking for truly innovative ways to have a meaningful effect with their audiences, this is the future.”

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