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22nd April 2021
Dimension at RealTime Conference 2021

RealTime Conference - Balenciaga, a Case Study

Simon Windsor with Epic Games, Streamline Media Group and Substance & Inhalt

Dimension is delighted to be taking part in three exciting panels at the virtual RealTime Conference, which takes place from 26-28th April 2021.

With the theme "Merging Physical & Digital Worlds: The Rise of the Metaverse", this year's RTC is free to attend and unmissable if you have an interest in the future of film, gaming, volumetric video and more. 

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When: 26-28th April 2021

Balenciaga's Afterworld: "A Quantum Leap for Fashion", 2.05 BST on Wednesday 28th April.

Described by Vogue Runway as a “quantum leap for fashion”, Balenciaga’s Afterworld is more than just an innovative way to market clothes.

An immersive adventure set in a city in the near future of 2031, the game enables players to pick from a range of characters before exploring different zones, passing models and pieces from Balenciaga’s Fall 2021 collection along the way. Afterworld represents a new way of thinking about identity in the digital world—that the internet can be a rich, interactive, three-dimensional virtual playground for fashion. It’s a thought-provoking way to showcase clothing—and one that represents the start of major fashion brands becoming awake to the creative possibilities unlocked by real-time technologies. Meet the tech savvy creative powerhouses that allowed Balenciaga to actualise their vision for this piece. Learn more about the process and hear what they believe is 'next' for fashion's digital revolution.  

Panels featuring speakers from Dimension Studios

Panels featuring speakers from Dimension Studios

Building pipelines for virtual production, 4pm BST on Tuesday 27th April.

Virtual Production is often simplified as the use of game engines and LED walls. But in reality, virtual production is much broader: It’s about delivering more of a filmmaker’s vision earlier-on in the production process. Virtual production requires pipelines to be re-imagined and for silos between specialists to be broken down. In virtual production, “fix it in post” now becomes “fix it pre”, and post-production specialists now work alongside directors and the virtual art department supported by “brain bar”-style on-set crews. But challenges remain, such as bridging the vast amounts of metadata collected from in-camera VFX all the way into post-production. And what does the future hold with higher LED screen resolutions, digital humans, and the application of machine learning? Join us as we discuss and debate the nuances of real-world virtual production pipelines, with a lively panel discussion about how this fast-evolving technique continues to evolve.

Virtual production is dead. Long live virtual production, 8pm BST on Wednesday 28th April.

Hosted by Karl Woolley, Framestore, with Kaya Jabar, Framestore, Kathryn Brillhart, USC and Fernando Rebello, NantStudios.

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