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28th July 2023
Dimension at SIGGRAPH 2023

We’re preparing to be awestruck. Next week we’re heading to Los Angeles to celebrate 50 years of SIGGRAPH - the premier conference & exhibition on computer graphics & interactive techniques.

Here’s where you’ll find the Dimension team presenting and representing at SIGGRAPH August 6-10 2023. 

Generating Authentic Crowds With Volumetric Video

Co-Founder and CTO at Dimension Callum Macmillan will be speaking alongside Brian Drewes (ZERO VFX), Don Libby (ZERO VFX), and Eric Robertson (ReDefine) about the collaborative and novel process of using volumetric video capture to generate authentic crowds upwards of 70,000 people. Click here to learn more about this talk.

The panel is one of three talks held that day as part of a ‘Crowded House: Advanced in Crowd Simulation’ series, alongside Pixar and Disney. 

WHERE: Room 515 B, Los Angeles Convention Centre

WHEN: Monday 7th August | 10:45am PT

Delivering Blazing-Fast 3D Live Action with Accelerated Volumetric Video

Explore how Autodesk and Arcturus are collaborating to build a future where anyone, anywhere can create amazing 3D experiences with innovative techniques like volumetric video editing and streaming technology. Learn how creative teams can achieve performance gains and visual-quality improvements with Arcturus' Accelerated Volumetric Video (AVV) Codec and how it has enabled interactive storytelling for Vertigo Games’ spine-tingly adventure VR game The 7th Guest and Dimension's creation of virtual production crowds.

 Click here and scroll down for more details.

WHERE: Room 515 B, Los Angeles Convention Centre

WHEN: Wednesday 9th August | 3pm PT

An all-star team on site at SIGGRAPH

Check out some of the Dimension and DNEG Virtual Production crew who will be on site next week.

SIGGRAPH is an internationally-renowned conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques, and 2023 marks their 50th anniversary. While taking place in the Los Angeles Convention Center, sessions will be livestreamed for virtual viewing on the SIGGRAPH website.

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See you at SIGGRAPH!

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