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3rd November 2022
Highsnobiety Profiles NFT AI Companion Metashima

Cultural authority Highsnobiety has interviewed two of Metashima’s creators on the eve of NFT.LDN - Europe’s biggest meeting of the NFT community.

Writer Joe Genest spent time with Simon Windsor and Yush Kalia to learn more about Metashima - a collection of NFT droids geared up to companion you for adventures in the Metaverse and beyond.

Metashima: Arrival

Metashima, Dimension’s debut NFT, dropped its first collection in June this year, with 4,720 high-quality, 3D NFT droids on the Ethereum blockchain. Joe explores the decade of work that has led to the project, how the droids were created, and the future utility for Metashima.

“If movies like Star Wars, Wall-E, or The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy teach us anything, it's that at some point, we're supposed to have a digital companion, one that’s not only along for the ride but knows us more intimately than practically anyone else. That's exactly what Dimension Studio is building with Metashima.”

Joe Genest | Writer, Highsnobiety

Read the full article in Highsnobiety.

Meet Metashima - your ultimate metaverse companion.

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