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18th July 2019
MRMC globalises volumetric video capture with the revolutionary ‘Polymotion Stage’

In a transformative move for the world of entertainment, sports and digital media production, today Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon Company, proudly unveiled Polymotion Stage, a state-of-the-art mobile solution for high-quality volumetric video capture (3D video) and avatar creation.

MRMC, world leaders in camera robotics and automated broadcast solutions, has teamed up with Dimension, leaders in volumetric capture and advanced virtual humans, to launch Polymotion Stage and introduce the world’s first mobile multi-solution volumetric capture studio.

Providing a unique studio environment for the creation of volumetric video, stills and avatars, Polymotion Stage is available as a Stage Dome or as a convertible Stage Truck solution, and can be transported globally to wherever the talent is such as film sets and sports arenas, enabling the quick and efficient volumetric capture of talent and artists on location.

Inside these soundproofed capture stages, 106 video cameras capture everything in the performance space at up to 4k resolution, making assets flexible for use across immersive and traditional media formats.

Polymotion Stage Debut

In partnership with Sky Sports, Polymotion Stage launched during the 148th Open at Royal Portrush, with many of the world’s top golfers being amongst the first to be filmed. The players are in and out of the Polymotion Stage within minutes, enabling Sky Sports to use their digital duplicate during broadcast for swing analysis with never-before-seen angles.

Jason Wessely, Head of Golf at Sky Sports said, “We’re always looking at how we can use innovative technology to bring golf fans closer to the action – nowhere more so than at The Open, where we first introduced our interactive studio, the Open Zone.

“The technology that MRMC have provided will allow us to analyse the golf swings of the world’s best players in a way that hasn’t been possible before. I know that the Sky team can’t wait to showcase this ground-breaking TV innovation and for the 148th Open Championship to get underway.”

James Banfield, Head of Synergy at MRMC, said, “Polymotion Stage is yet another example of the cutting-edge technology that we are developing at MRMC. These pioneering mobile volumetric studios will make it easier for content creators to capture the assets they need, vastly increasing their ability to produce engaging and immersive content. Fostering close partnerships with industry leaders Dimension & Sky Sports enable us to place our expertise where it can have real-world impact, and puts MRMC at the centre of content capture innovation.”

Simon Windsor, Joint Managing Director at Dimension, said, “Dimension specialises in believable virtual humans. Our proud partnership with MRMC builds on this and introduces Polymotion Stage as a unique 3-in-1 solution that we can roll out worldwide. As media becomes ever more experiential and immersive, this product opens truly original creative possibilities, enabling people to meet their heroes, connect with their stories, and experience the action in exciting new ways.”

Since launching in 2017 as a Microsoft Mixed Reality capture partner, London-based volumetric capture studio Dimension has seen demand from across entertainment, media and sport. Their illustrious portfolio includes filming Anthony Joshua for Sky Sports, capturing cast for the new War of the Worlds immersive theatre production, and more recently creating Madonna’s holograms for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards live broadcast.

Polymotion Stage is raising the bar for entertainment, with huge opportunities for a number of industries, pushing the frontiers of image capture, mobile technology and immersive viewing. The Polymotion Stage Truck will launch later this year. The Dome is available now for professional productions, with more information available on

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