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21st November 2022
Shimapaper 2.0

Earlier this month, the creators of Metashima launched their successor to the first volume of the Shimapaper: The Shimapaper 2.0. With an updated roadmap and reiterated vision for the future, the paper was released to overwhelming support from the Metashima community.

Notable highlights include the new Obsidian Robotics (OR) Ecosystem which allows holders to further customise and accessorise their Shima companions, while also enabling access to future MAG (Metashima Assembly Garage) drops.

The addition of new community initiatives #HouseofShima and #ShimaCreators look to enable more collaboration between creators and holders, with the latter promoting the creation of an AI-generated graphic novel, logo competition, and access to 3D generic files for further design experimentation.

Read the entire Shimapaper 2.0 here.

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