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27th March 2020
Space Opera: Exploring volumetric video in virtual production

Our team continues to advance new forms of immersive storytelling and new approaches to content creation using real-time engines and our volumetric production studios. Increasingly Dimension is being engaged to work on previz and virtual production across broadcast and filmed entertainment and we are constantly experimenting with ideas.

Space Opera is the first in a series of demos from Dimension, exploring the powerful creative possibilities of virtual production - in this case an operatic performance of O Mio Babbino Caro, brought to life in another galaxy.

Space Opera: a studio demo created by Dimension

Soprano Lauren Fagan was filmed live in Dimension's London studio with musical director Oliver Zeffman, and the resulting volumetric capture lives as a digital character in a boundless virtual world. The film pans the singer, showing her performance from any viewpoint and demonstrating the sheer depth of her epic space-like environment. 

The demo was made in Unreal Engine by Rob McLellan, a creative director at Dimension, with a futuristic space environment by Epic Games. Arts Council England supported the volumetric capture.  

"As a filmmaker, the creative freedom virtual productions bring to my work is unprecedented.” 

Rob McLellan | Creative Director, Dimension

Rob continues, "Working with volumetrically captured actors and environments creates a workflow that means you can edit camera angles, lighting and environmental effects in real-time, seeing the final results as you work and being able to fine-tune at any point during post. This truly is the next evolution in filmmaking."

The result is an enchanting piece, notable for the unrivalled capture quality of the authentic human form and the high-quality, mesmerising representation of space. The realism of both the singer and the virtual environment make it entirely believable to the human eye, despite the level of complexity.

Updated: Special extended edition of Space Opera

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