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6th June 2022
Metashima - the ultimate metaverse side-kick, launches today

Today sees the launch of Metashima, a revolutionary new web3 entertainment experience, which starts with the release of 14,159 NFT metaverse droids. Drop 1, called ‘Lightning’, launches the first 4,720 droids as high-quality, 3D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Shimalist (allow list) mint opens today at 8pm BST, with the public sale on 8.06.22.

With web3 and NFTs providing the building blocks for a future metaverse, the Metashima NFT grants holders entry to a bigger web3 experience and future roadmap. From the start every part of the project has been created in 3D in order to accelerate and achieve a project with greater immersion, higher quality, and transmedia compatibility that pushes the space forward. 

Metashima Assemble

Metashima, your 3D metaverse companion

In time, Metashima will be your metaverse companion and AI sidekick. By your side and connected to the things you love, they will help you to explore virtual worlds, make new friends, conquer future frontiers, and enjoy the Metaverse.

“Every so often technology and culture intersect to reimagine what's possible and create new magic. This is what we aim to achieve with Metashima. Fuelled by the passion of our community and creative partners we are exploring the next generation of web3 entertainment and utility and excited to share what we have been working on.

The community that’s been built around and championed Metashima has been impressive and is key to shaping the future of these virtual robots. While the first drop of Metashima mints this week, we’re already working on next phases of our roadmap."

Simon Windsor | co-founder and co-CEO of Dimension and creator of Metashima

The Metashima Collection

The Metashima Collection

The ‘Lightning’ drop sees the release of the first 4,720 droids

How can you get involved with Metashima?

Read the Shimapaper for the full Metashima story so far. Join the active Metashima community in Discord for news, ideas and feedback. Public sale starts Weds 8th June at 8 pm (BST) with a mint price of 0.12 ETH.

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