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10th February 2020
VRScout Selects "All Kinds of Limbo" as Highlight of New Frontiers at Sundance

The Dimension team attended Sundance Film Festival last week, where two of our projects had been selected for the New Frontiers Exhibition, which celebrates innovation in the art and form of story-telling.

Atomu, our collaboration with Atlas V and France Televisions, premiered at Sundance. Atomu is a ground-breaking multiplayer #VR experience about gender identity, using dance and music to bring to life the vision of Shariffa Ali and Yetunde Dada.

Behind the scenes of All Kinds of Limbo

" important stepping stone in how audiences will engage with content in three to five years time"

Kyle Melnick | Journalist, VRScout

"Everything from the subtle movements of her outfits to the various expressions on her face have been captured with stunning clarity"

All Kinds of Limbo: our incredible immersive celebration of live performance and the craft of theatrical staging, created in collaboration with @nationaltheatre, also had its international premiere at Sundance New Frontiers. VRScout highlighted All Kinds of Limbo as a project which "showed us how immersive technology is changing the way we enjoy musical performances."

Read more about All Kinds of Limbo and its reception at the Festival on VRFocus.

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