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3D Avatars

Advanced 3D avatars for real-time and VFX pipelines.

As the realism of the worlds that entertain or educate us continue to develop so does the need for human avatars that are truly believable. To help deliver your avatars, Dimension can handle FACs, 3D scanning, face and body rigging, skinning, clothing and full animation, while supporting real-time engines and VFX workflows.

Unmatched capture quality

Advanced avatars need to start with the highest quality 3D capture. We have our own high resolution capture rigs in London and Gateshead, and a network of capture partners around the world.

See the minutiae of human expression

We are experts in the production of digital doubles for both film and real-time engines, using the most advanced head scanning rigs to capture and animate the sub-surface detail of human expression. 

End-to-end avatar production

We have a flexible character pipeline and can offer end-to-end avatar production, or can support asset delivery at any stage from capture, processing, retopology, rigging, motion capture and retargeting.

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