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Reimagine live entertainment.

Dimension creates holograms, live avatars, and mixed reality performances that are fundamentally reimagining live entertainment and broadcast - from Madonna at the Billboard Music Awards to Adwoa Aboah at London Fashion Week.

Unique live sports broadcasts

For the 148th Open Championship, Sky Sports worked with Dimension on Sky Scope, a new free-viewpoint swing analysis segment. Featuring an incredible use of volumetric capture technology, it allows pundits to analyse golf like never before to the amazement of viewers at home. Sky Scope was back in full swing for the 149th Open Championship in 2021.

An all-star Avatar experience

In a collaboration with Sky Sports, we created hyper-real avatars of cricket’s biggest stars for The Hundred, enabling world first mixed reality broadcast and interactive mobile AR experiences for the fans. The authentic digital doubles can be driven by either mocap data or animated.

Live hologram performances

For the performance of her new single Medellín at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Dimension created four stunning virtual versions of Madonna that performed live on stage alongside South American artist Mulma – deployed using Unreal engine for the live broadcast.

Prime time mixed reality

Following the success of the Coldplay x BTS "My Universe" music video, we teamed up with Coldplay and All of it Now (AOIN) to reunite Coldplay and BTS on the finale of NBC’s The Voice. Coldplay performed live, in person, with BTS holograms beamed into the broadcast, watched by over 8 million viewers.

Mixed reality for stage

Set the agenda by showing a live audience that the future is already here. For STC’s Digital Summit 2019, we created a volumetric twin of the presenter who co-hosted the keynote alongside...himself. Using Hololens and giant screens the audience were astounded to see a virtual host, translating the event programme live into Japanese.

Virtual catwalks for fashion and more

Work with Dimension to craft a campaign that immerses audiences and generates column inches. Harnessing the transformative power of 5G, Three worked with us to showcase a stunning volumetric capture of Adwoa Aboah at London Fashion Week. From the Front Row, mobile handsets streamed an AR version of the supermodel walking the catwalk.

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