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Live Performance

Create and stream live volumetric characters and humans.

Live performance capture offers exciting creative and experiential opportunities. Whether live 3D avatars or bespoke live volumetric solutions, our team is pushing the boundaries of human performance capture and playback.

Holographic augmented reality

Dimension have pioneered the use of volumetric capture in live performance, using real-time engines to place holograms on stage during stage shows. As on-stage holographic projection technologies such as hologauze improve, volumetric performance is becoming an essential component of the real-time music and stage experience. 

Marker-based motion capture 

As specialists in virtual human production, we work with the latest motion capture technologies to enable live performance, allowing an actor to project their performance in real-time on to their digital self. 

Markerless motion capture

Using AI and pose estimation techniques, we are able to track motion from cameras only, and bring live sports and performance to life in real-time. 

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