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Polymotion Stage

Capture volumetric content anywhere.

In a transformative move for the world of entertainment, sports and digital media production, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio, Dimension and Mark Roberts Motion Control proudly unveil Polymotion Stage. This state-of-the-art mobile multi-solution studio captures high-quality volumetric video, image and avatar creation at up to 4K with integrated motion capture.

Pioneering 3-in-1 solution

Polymotion Stage is the world’s first mobile multi-solution volumetric capture studio, and can be transported globally to wherever the talent is–film sets, sports arenas, or fashion shoots–enabling the quick and efficient creation of volumetric content. The Truck transforms and expands into a secure and private capture space in a matter of hours.

“We’re always looking at how we can use innovative technology to bring golf fans closer to the action [...] I know that the Sky team can’t wait to showcase this ground-breaking TV innovation.”

Jason Wessely | Head of Golf, Sky Sports

Unique studio environments

Polymotion Stage can be deployed as either a flat packed Stage Dome, which can be sent anywhere in the world or driven to you, as a transforming Stage Truck. Volumetric data can be captured with minimum disruption to talent and production schedules. Your assets can be then ready for use in less than 48 hours.

Purpose-built technology

Inside these soundproofed capture stages, 106 cameras create a 360 degree mesh and texture of your talent. You can choose from dynamic or flexible global lighting, and a delivery timeline that works to your schedule. Our 12MP cameras capture at 4K resolution, so your assets remain versatile for use across immersive and traditional media formats.

An expert collaboration

MRMC, world leaders in camera robotics and automated broadcast solutions, teamed up with Dimension, leaders in volumetric capture and advanced virtual humans, to create the Polymotion Stage. Our goal is to enable content creators to connect with their stories and experience action in new, exciting ways.

The future of broadcast is here

Madonna was the first artist to use volumetric holograms live on air at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Sky Sports are using volumetric captures of golfers for live analysis at The 148th Open.

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