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Volumetric Video

Best-in-class volumetric video capture for photo-realistic virtual humans.

Break free from the constraints of traditional live action film and video by embracing the total realism of three dimensional recording with volumetric video.

See it from every perspective

This 'free viewpoint' capability provides an entirely new way of communicating, offering far more editorial options and greater agency than traditional 2D video.

Endless post production possibilities

Re-lighting, re-animation and physics engines can all be applied to the person or object after recording has finished, thus enabling one asset to be re-purposed for a multitude of platforms e.g, broadcast, visualFX, AR, VR, online and more.

Deliver human performance like never before

Volumetric video is already wowing critics. Isobar's 'Aeronaut - Billy Corgan' won the Cannes Digital Craft Grand Prix 2018, and Sky VR received two nominations for the coveted D&AD Pencil for both 'Hold the World' featuring David Attenborough, and 'A Discovery of Witches'.

Tech spec

  • 53 IR + 53 RGB cameras
  • 30 - 60 fps
  • 36x IR texture projectors
  • 8 Channel Scheops CMIT5U Audio
  • 16 head LED lighting system

Pioneering multi-view imaging


The team that founded Dimension have been at the forefront of volumetric video capture and production for two decades. Pioneering multi-view imaging, camera array and photogrammetry. Dimension is the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture partner. We have a 3000sq ft studio in London and two mobile studios that can be deployed worldwide.

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