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Future Lab x Stylised MetaHumans

Pushing character tools to new levels.

Dimension continues to explore the creative possibilities of Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman, this time to create stylised, fictional characters. We unveiled our MetaAlien at Goodwood Festival of Speed's Future Lab from July 13th to 16th, where visitors had the opportunity to interact with MetaHuman characters in a live demo.

Aliens are among us

Dimension exhibited two MetaHumans, where visitors were able to live-puppeteer the virtual characters. We stylised a MetaHuman in the form of an alien, which we aptly named MetaAlien, using human topology with crafted alien features.

Stylised MetaHumans

MetaHuman is an incredible tool for creating high-quality, realistic virtual humans and while it is primarily unmatched in recreating familiar faces, it also opens up remarkable possibilities for creating fantastical and stylised characters.

Familiar figures

Our second character on display at Goodwood was a familiar face in our office: Co-CEO Simon Windsor. Simon had been scanned in our 70-camera rig and skillfully recreated as his 3D MetaHuman alter ego using the Mesh to MetaHuman pipeline.

See you again, Goodwood

Our booth and team were located in the Simulated World section of Future Lab, alongside other amazing innovators. We can't wait to be back, bringing even more innovations and experiences to the high-octane event. 

 Craft stylised characters with us.

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