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HBO’s Avenue 5 Holograms

Taking volumetric capture into space for HBO

Season 2 of the HBO Armando Iannucci sci-fi series Avenue 5 sees the crew of the interplanetary cruise ship communicate via holoportation, using portals, wrist watches and more.

The holograms were created by Dimension using the Polymotion Stage for volumetric capture, and a bespoke pipeline allowed for seamless 3D projection of characters into TV footage, with the volumetric assets supplied into the VFX pipeline handled by UNIT.

Volumetric video - in space

HBO’s Avenue 5, Season 2 features photo-realistic, 3D holograms as a means of futuristic communication - on watches, holographic display plates and desks.

A pipeline for volumetric video in TV

Collaborating with the show’s VFX partner UNIT, we worked on a pipeline for taking 4k volumetric video into TV footage. 

By using 3D volumetric technology with global lighting over green screen, the showmakers were able to change angles and camera paths. 

Shot on the Polymotion Stage

The holograms were captured on Polymotion Stage Truck, a state-of-the-art mobile volumetric video and avatar creation stage, a partnership between Dimension, Nikon, MRMC and Microsoft.

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