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Immersive healthcare training for the NHS

Cutting-edge training for doctors and nurses treating COVID-19 patients.

Players in the UK immersive technology industry formed a consortium called Resilient XR to support the NHS in the fight against Covid-19 by creating a platform for acute clinical skills training, whilst protecting doctors and staff.

Volumetric capture underpins revolutionary interactive training

An emergency response

When lockdown hit in March 2020, we teamed up with Microsoft, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and Health Education England (HEE) to give NHS doctors and nurses in England cutting-edge training in recognising and treating Covid-19. 

Interactive, volumetric video using Microsoft Mixed Reality capture technology allows healthcare staff to rotate the content 360 degrees and view it from any angle. This is particularly useful when learning the right way to put on and remove PPE equipment.

A 4D guide to patient care

The team also worked with GIGXR to create HoloPatient: COVID-19, which guides HoloLens users through four stages of the illness in mixed reality.

The hologram was produced, captured and processed by Dimension, under “safe shoot” conditions at its 106-camera London capture studio. 

“As a group we’ve proved we’re able to combine our broad skills and the resources available to great effect and I’m confident in our ability to fill the wider clinical skills gap with immersive training."

Dr Andy Lewington | Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Level up training materials for patients and staff.

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