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Sky Scope 2.0: Back in full swing

Levelling-up live sport broadcast with Sky Scope 2.0.


The award-winning Sky Scope technology was back in action for Sky Sports’ coverage of golf’s oldest tournament, The Open.

Examining Collin Morikawa's major-winning swing with Sky Scope

Video courtesy of Sky Sports

A groundbreaking broadcast tool

Using cutting-edge volumetric capture technology, Sky Scope 2.0 enabled Sky Sports to ramp up its on-screen performance analysis of golf’s biggest superstars.

Launched in 2019 at the 148th Open Championship, Sky Scope changed the way fans and players view the golf swing. Highly realistic, volumetrically captured avatars of golf’s top players allowed the Sky Sports broadcast team to track, pause and analyse each golfer’s swing from every angle.

Bringing the tech to the talent

This year our award-winning Polymotion Truck was parked directly on the practice range, allowing the players to be captured in a matter of minutes as they prepared for the tournament. Within 48 hours the avatars were in use live on-air – complete with layered visuals showing the swing path of each player on-screen. 

The winning swing

By capturing the swing of The Open champion Collin Morikawa, the Sky Sports team were able to visualise and pinpoint – live on-screen – exactly what gave him his winning edge. 

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