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SYREN: Available Now

A VR survival horror game.

A scientist obsessed with eugenics builds an underwater research facility above an ancient lost city, in which he conducts horrific experiments in an attempt to recreate the lost species of ‘Syrens’

Available now Oculus | Steam | PSVR

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Episode 1 Teaser

Episode 2 Teaser

Episode 1

You awaken into chaos. The lab in ruins. With the station reactor about to go critical, you have limited time to evacuate the facility. With death everywhere, you soon learn that you are not alone.

In this exciting stealth and survival game, you must solve puzzles to progress through a series of room scale scenes and always remain alert for the deadly Syrens who are hiding in the shadows.

Episode 2

Set after the events of SYREN, a CIA agent is sent into Darwin Station to find out why there has been loss of contact with the facility.

This episode is an action packed free roaming shooter, you play as CIA black ops agent, ‘Manning’. Thrust into a world of violence, use your immense armoury to contend with the deadly swarm of Syrens stalking you.

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