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The Viking Planet: The Ambush

Feel the Viking rush

The Viking Planet is a new entertainment centre in Norway vividly recreating a lost 9th century world. This state-of-the-art centre brings to life the tough and violent world of the Vikings with incredible historical accuracy – its centrepiece is a VR drama developed by Dimension.

Volumetric virtual vikings

In collaboration between The Viking Planet, Ridley Scott Creative Group, Hammerhead and Dimension, we have created one of the world's most advanced VR dramas with volumetric capture at its core.

The Ambush

An immersive centrepiece at the visitor attraction, this VR experience called ‘The Ambush’ takes you back over a thousand years onboard a Viking ship. You're at the heart of an intense journey through the darkness with your viking comrades, ready to do battle.

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New combined powers.

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