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Creating virtual worlds and virtual humans for film, TV, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Metaverse. 

Dimension is a leader in volumetric content and virtual production. We are shaping the future of entertainment.


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Extraordinary virtual humans for all platforms.

Dimension is redefining production of realistic virtual humans and avatars, enabling storytellers to build powerful connections between viewers and characters. From Madonna holograms to Sky Scope and War of The Worlds, our volumetric video capture studios operate worldwide and create award-winning virtual characters for all platforms.

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Using immersive content to redefine storytelling.

From superheroes and magic dragons to killer mermaids and love-crazed robots, we’ve been pioneering high-quality virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences, games, and location-based entertainment for over a decade. 

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Virtual Production for entertainment.

Dimension is at the forefront of virtual production, demonstrating versatility across a range of genres for film, drama, and broadcast, offering new levels of creative freedom and cost efficiency at every stage of the process. 

From virtual previs and scene creation to LED stage shoots, our real-time workflow and industry-leading partnerships enable us to rapidly respond to your virtual production needs.

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An immersive revolution is coming.

We work with the industry's finest to create transformative Location Based Entertainment (LBE) solutions for immersive escape rooms, festivals, events and next generation entertainment centres. We cover everything from concept and content, to installation and support. 


Reimagine live entertainment.

Dimension creates holograms, live avatars, and mixed reality performances that are fundamentally reimagining live entertainment and broadcast - from Madonna at the Billboard Music Awards to Adwoa Aboah at London Fashion Week.

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Capture volumetric content anywhere.

In a transformative move for the world of entertainment, sports and digital media production, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio, Dimension and Mark Roberts Motion Control proudly unveil Polymotion Stage. This state-of-the-art mobile multi-solution studio captures high-quality volumetric video, image and avatar creation at up to 4K with integrated motion capture.

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Discover the incredible creative possibilities.

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Access our exclusive SDK & Asset Pack for volumetric video capture and digital humans.

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