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Advanced virtual humans

Welcome to Dimension.

We specialise in creating volumetric humans and avatars. As part of immersive media company Hammerhead, we operate state-of-the-art capture studios worldwide with our partners Microsoft and Nikon. Together, we are revolutionising volumetric content for AR, MR, VR, and emerging 2D applications.

Goodbye uncanny valley.

Our mission is to advance believable volumetric humans. We are working with brands, broadcasters, production companies and entertainment studios worldwide, bringing new life and realism into stories, games and experiences for both immersive and 2D media. Our team of experts have been involved in progressing cutting-edge technologies in immersive media for over a decade.

Hello, storytelling opportunities.

As technology evolves, so does our ability to immerse ourselves in our imaginations. 2D content becomes 4D experiences, storytelling becomes story-living, and what was once an illusion becomes reality. 

Discover how you can use advanced virtual humans.

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