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18th May 2023
Rob McLellan selected for the BIMA 100 2023

Dimension’s Creative Director Rob McLellan has been recognised as a top Creative in BIMA’s list of 100 people shaping the future of Britain's digital landscape.

An award-winning writer, director and real-time VFX artist, Rob was an early adopter to using real-time game engines like Unreal Engine for non-game storytelling and filmmaking.

He joined Dimension Studio in 2014 to create ABE VR and explore the potential for immersive, interactive storytelling. Subsequently ABE VR was the first VR short film to be officially certified by the BBFC.

Rob actively embraces and tests any new real-time innovations, and has been working with Epic on their further development of MetaHumans

He is a passionate advocate of real-time technology as the future of film and TV production, and has helped set up and champion Dimension's virtual production capabilities. 

Congratulations, Rob!

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