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15th June 2021
Volumetric Capture studio Avatar Dimension launch permanent facility on U.S. East Coast

Exciting news from volumetric capture studio Avatar Dimension! With its new state-of-the-art space, Avatar Dimension officially opens a permanent facility in Washington D.C. The studio is the newest (and only!) Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio to operate on the East Coast and just one of five in the world. 

The incredible team at Avatar Dimension provide next-level capture technology and a stage built on the combined strength and collaboration between Avatar Studios of St. Louis, Sabey Data Centre of Seattle, and Dimension Studios. 

Avatar Dimension has already made big strides with the grand opening of its own pioneering studio, thanks to its rapid growth and advanced tech. Welcoming new business intrigued by exploring the ever-expanding metaverse in newfound ways.

Avatar Dimension drives the creation of immersive experiences with holographic and volumetric content for government, business enterprises and immersive agencies, with a special emphasis on mixed reality training. It uses the very latest Volucam cameras from IO Industries to deliver visually stunning and realistic virtual experiences for use with multiple devices including headsets; 5G platforms; digital humans; AI and computer displays. The licensed Microsoft Mixed Reality capture studio will serve the greater Washington D.C. area, as well as global needs. 

Dimension continues to expand and support the adoption of volumetric content. The launch of Avatar Dimension is a partnership that opens exciting new possibilities on the US East Coast and strengthens our global offering to customers.

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