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24th May 2022
R&D Update: Volumetric Video at the Intersection of Visual Effects and Virtual Production

Dimension supports content creators at the cutting edge of Metaverse and Film productions, with a focus on real people and performances. This means being expert operators of state-of-the-art tools, and sometimes developing capabilities tailored to the needs of our clients.

We were delighted to present a round-up of research and tools for volumetric video post-production at the 18th ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production, in December 2021.

In this talk, Juraj Tomori provides a round-up of research interests in 2021.

Juraj Tomori - Industry Special Session on Digital Humans at CVMP 2021

Relighting through reflectance estimation

Dimension's approach to reflectance estimation (Siggraph 2021) broke new ground for relighting volumetric content. Leveraging massive speed improvements and new frameworks for inverse rendering, Dimension was able to demonstrate realistic reflectance data for volumetric capture content.

Motion Vectors for VFX

With recent improvements in texture fidelity, volumetric content is of increasing interest for film makers. Delivering Motion Vectors is a workflow that Dimension now supports at scale, enabling 2D motion blur effects.

Re-Animating with Skeletons

When we try and fit a volumetric actor in a scene, it can require adapting the performance to scene elements. A recent test case involved matching a performance captured with guide props, to a realistic CG model. Dimensions' approach demonstrates flexibility and ease of use for integrating characters by attaching skeletons to geometry.

Improving Reconstruction with Prop-Tracking

CG props in general have been a mainstay of Dimension's production offering since The 2019 Open Championship with Sky Golf. With additional motion capture hardware, Dimension can easily re-create performances including props that otherwise don't capture well, such as golf clubs. In 2021, Dimension demonstrated several iterations on these techniques, to work around production issues, including using less obstructive image markers.

The Dimension R&D Team is growing and we're hiring a VFX DevOps! If you'd like to join us in driving cutting-edge capabilities for entertainment content that consistently raises the bar, check out our open roles and get in touch.

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