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We create believable virtual humans and metaverse content.

We are shaping the future of entertainment, creating advanced photo-realistic virtual humans, operating state-of-the-art volumetric capture and virtual production studios worldwide.

Virtual Humans

From the Madonna holograms to Sky Scope and War of The Worlds, our volumetric video capture studios operate worldwide and are redefining the creation of realistic virtual humans and avatars.

Metaverse Content

Our team has been pioneering high quality Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences, apps, games, and location-based entertainment for over 10 years.

Virtual Production

We are redefining the creative possibilities for live and virtual production across film, broadcast, theatre, and creative media applications.

LBE Experiences

Immersive escape rooms, mesmerising multiplayer experiences, groundbreaking entertainment centres – Dimension provides a full service solution for the world’s finest theatres, events spaces and production companies, covering everything from concept to installation and support.

Live Events

Add a new dimension to your live events with virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and more. Transport visitors to the past, the future or a parallel universe.

Polymotion Stage

Sports broadcasts, fashion, gaming and film all have one thing in common: their consumers want to experience immersive content. Volumetric capture opens creative opportunities to create richer, more realistic action shots, while skipping long virtual character creation pipelines and the risk of characters falling into uncanny valley.

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