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We create believable virtual humans.

Laser focused on producing advanced volumetric humans, our specialist team and equipment record shape and detail from every angle for realistic content that can be used across multiple platforms.

Volumetric Video

Break free from the constraints of traditional live action film and video by embracing the total realism of three dimensional recording with volumetric video.

3D Avatars

Bring your stories and games to life with top-notch AAA quality digital characters and general 3D avatars. Dimension makes it easy for you by handling FACs, 3D scanning, face and body rigging, skinning, clothing and full animation. Additionally, our pipeline supports real-time engines and VFX workflows.

Live Performance

Live performance capture offers exciting creative and experiential opportunities. Whether live 3D avatars or bespoke live volumetric solutions, our team is pushing the boundaries of human performance capture and playback.


We are masters at creating high quality virtual worlds, using both photogrammetry and modelling. From capturing the set of a period drama or ancient ruins, to creating a rain forest or building something straight out of science fiction, our art and development teams are experts in Unreal and Unity.

Polymotion Stage

Sports broadcasts, fashion, gaming and film all have one thing in common: their consumers want to experience immersive content. Volumetric capture opens creative opportunities to create richer, more realistic action shots, while skipping long virtual character creation pipelines and the risk of characters falling into uncanny valley.

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