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Virtual Production

Virtual Production for entertainment.

Dimension is at the forefront of virtual production, demonstrating versatility across a range of genres for film, drama, and broadcast, offering new levels of creative freedom and cost efficiency at every stage of the process. 

From virtual previs and scene creation to LED stage shoots, our real-time workflow and industry-leading partnerships enable us to rapidly respond to your virtual production needs.


We use real-time technology to visualise each stage of production. Bringing stories to life faster and enabling better decision making throughout each project.

We provide previs for every shot, digitally build entire stages in techvis, and preview VFX using postvis.

Real-time workflow

We empower directors with virtual cameras and virtual scouting sessions. Allowing them to control all aspects of shots, including camera setups, actor placement, props, locations, lenses, lighting, and atmospherics, all in real-time.

Real-Time Scene Creation

Our award-winning virtual production team can build large-scale scenes and virtual studios from scratch or by scanning and recreating real environments using photogrammetry, LIDAR, and AI. These can be used in real-time, cinematic scenes for principal photography on LED stages and shoot in-camera effects. The scenes can be altered and edited right up to, and on the day of, your LED stage shoot, ensuring the creative vision comes to life.

Virtual production using LED stages

With photo-real scenes transferred from previs work, each shot can be quickly set up for an LED wall shoot. Camera tracking and shots produced in real-time mean the background scene replicates real-life environments, lighting, movement and parallaxing, creating a final film that makes your audience believe it was shot on location.

Digital humans in virtual production

Dimension’s advanced volumetric video capabilities mean you can bring crowds and believable 3D actors into scenes using real-time engines, such as Unreal Engine. Working with volumetrically captured actors and environments creates a real-time workflow that means you can edit camera angles, lighting, and environmental effects, seeing the final results as you work.

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