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Virtual Production

Virtual Production for film and television.

Dimension is delivering on the promise of virtual production for film and television. By transforming the traditional linear pipeline into a parallel process, we blur lines between pre-production, production and post-production – offering new levels of creative freedom, sustainability and cost efficiency to every stage of the production process.

XR Visualisation

From story development to pitch-viz, pre-viz and tech-viz, Dimension brings your production to life much faster – and earlier in the process. Our XR visualisation toolkit uses VR and AR to build virtual scenes to perfect scale, so you can act out and record action using mo-cap, place virtual lights and cameras, plus test every aspect of your production.

2D Visualisation

Working from the XR scene, our 2D tools can output your shots in cinematic 4K video with simulated lenses, camera paths, lights and movement. This highly accurate reproduction can be used to inform production planning, saving both money and valuable time.

Immersive Scenes

Our award-winning production team can build large-scale scenes from scratch or scan and recreate real environments using photogrammetry, LIDAR, and AI. Use these in-camera, as virtual locations, as assets for post-production – or, if rendered in real-time engines via LED or projection, these scenes can even be tracked in-camera and on set.

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