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Balenciaga - Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

Balenciaga's futuristic fusion of volumetric capture and video gaming is a quantum leap for fashion shows.

Multi-platform game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is a radical immersive adventure and deep dive into Balenciaga’s Fall 2021 collection. Bringing to life this projected future, Dimension collaborated with Balenciaga for one of the most innovative volumetric projects ever undertaken.

Virtual models, assemble 

With Fashion Weeks around the world forced online, Balenciaga imagines the next generation of virtual catwalk shows. Players take an interactive journey based on “mythological pasts and projected futures” exploring the Fall 2021 collection modelled by 50 volumetric characters.

Taking the catwalk to the models

Models were captured on Polymotion Stage Truck, our state-of-the-art mobile volumetric video and avatar creation stage, which is in partnership between Dimension, Nikon, MRMC and Microsoft.

A self contained studio, the Truck operated under safe-shoot conditions in Paris.

Authentic to the collection’s genius

Volumetric video authentically captured the look and motion of the garments, while our advanced processing pipeline enabled certain footwear and eyewear, featuring reflective surfaces and unique forms, to be faithfully recreated and tracked onto the final virtual human models.

Parallel worlds and the future of fashion


Realistic avatars and game tech, such as Unreal Engine, will continue to advance and converge. For fashion brands this unleashes innovative new ways to creatively experiment, tell stories and launch collections in sustainable ways. What Balenciaga has achieved creating Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow as a 3D web-based experience is phenomenal and blazes a virtual trail.

“Balenciaga's visionary campaign is an incredible first for volumetric capture. As we enter the era of volumetric and XR content, richer multi-platform storyworlds like Afterworld point towards the mind-blowing possibilities for fashion and brand entertainment.

"Polymotion Stage was designed to capture content at scale on location to help create these brave and wonderful new worlds."

Simon Windsor | Joint MD, Dimension

Images courtesy of Balenciaga

Unlike any fashion show you've ever seen. 

Bring the stage to the talent: Polymotion Stage.

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