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Burger King: Tinie on a Whopper

A private volumetric concert in WebAR, on a burger

Burger King teamed up with BBH, Dimension, Bully and UK rap artist Tinie Tempah to offer a bespoke virtual performance of the music maestro’s summer anthem Whoppa… on a Whopper.

A rapper on a wrapper

This summer, lucky Burger King® customers were able to scan a special QR code on their Whopper® burger to generate a miniature, volumetric Tinie, performing his latest hit ‘Whoppa’, with the iconic signature burger as his stage.

An intimate 360 experience

At a time when all festivals and shows are cancelled, 8thWall WebAR made this interactive moment possible. Whopper fans enjoyed a concert and interacted with a hyper-realistic, digital Tinie who moved in a totally authentic way.

Rich, interactive, augmented reality 

By launching the project in WebAR with 8th Wall, we negated the need to download an app, and made it possible to share the experience natively via message or on social channels. 

“Of all of the ideas, this was the one that really brought a smile, and we’re so glad we’re able to offer our Whopper as a stage at a time when we could all do with a bit of fun and frivolity.”

Katie Evans, Marketing Director for Burger King® UK

A whopping result

Over the course of the campaign, 10.8 MILLION social impressions were delivered, driven by influencer activity, 468k TikTok views and 220 pieces of media coverage from across the globe.

Future of brand activations  

This project gives a peek into both the future of brand activations and exciting new ways that artists can connect with fans. Using emerging technologies, we’re able to capture artists in real-time and bring them into the hands and homes of fans around the world.

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