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Capital Up Close Presents Anne-Marie with Barclaycard

Get up close and personal with Anne-Marie in an immersive WebAR experience.

Global and Barclaycard mark the return of live music events in the UK with an AR-focused campaign featuring a volumetric capture of singer-songwriter Anne-Marie.

Up close and personal 

The multi-platform AR campaign features Anne-Marie’s digital double promoting a series of live, in-person events. By holding a smartphone camera up to a Capital Up Close billboard, fans can trigger a holographic experience where Anne-Marie steps out of the billboard to reveal how fans can win tickets to an exclusive gig.

No app required

The volumetric capture of Anne-Marie was provided by Dimension in collaboration with Visualise and 8th Wall. The AR experience was created using the latest WebAR technology, allowing fans to access the immersive content on a smartphone without the need for additional apps. 

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