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Coldplay x BTS: ‘My Universe’ Holograms

A volumetric music collaboration that’s out of this world


Dimension brings together two of the biggest groups in their respective universes, as Coldplay and K-pop megastars BTS team up in this intergalactic No. 1 hit.

Coldplay X BTS - My Universe (Official Video)

Video and images courtesy of Parlophone Records / Warner Music Group

The stars align

Dimension worked with Coldplay and Parlophone Records, part of Warner Music Group, on an ambitious volumetric music video creating holograms of Coldplay and BTS for “My Universe” – the No. 1 single from Coldplay’s ‘Music Of The Spheres’ album.

Volumetric capture enabled both bands to be seamlessly blended together in the music video and provided the perfect approach to creating stylised holograms that fit the “otherworldly” music video concept.

Creating Coldplay

The four members of Coldplay were filmed performing in our mobile studio, Polymotion Stage (shout out to our partners MRMC). The band members were recorded separately to preserve the fidelity of each performance.

The guitar and bass were captured in-camera, while the drums were tracked with mocap, then modelled and recreated in post production.

A global team

Working with our Microsoft Mixed Reality studio partners Jump Studio in Seoul, we filmed all seven members of BTS volumetrically. To ensure the quality of each performance, and to maintain creative consistency, Dimension then processed all the BTS band members.

Extraordinary collaborators

We worked with some incredibly skilled people and partners to help bring Coldplay and BTS together in “My Universe”.

The video was produced by the visionary Nathan Sherrer/Freenjoy, and directed by the brilliant Dave Meyers.

Coldplay x BTS x The Voice Live

Coldplay performed ‘My Universe’ on The Voice Live to more than 8 million viewers, beaming in BTS as holograms – and they absolutely killed it!

Pushing the boundaries of mixed reality music performances and volumetric capture in broadcast, Coldplay Creative, Warner Music, All of it Now, and Dimension collaborated to showcase the state-of-the art benefits of reusing volumetric assets across multiple applications.

Watch the performance here.

"Holograms, spaceships, and intergalactic music performances by two of the world's biggest bands! Our team had great fun working on 'My Universe'. The use of volumetric video really demonstrates free viewpoint possibilities, allowing the director complete freedom around how the camera moves through the world, and ensuring the 3D holograms look like they belong."

Simon Windsor | Joint MD, Dimension

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