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Real-time technology levels up sports coverage.


The Eurosport Cube is the latest innovation in Dimension’s work in virtual production. Eurosport engaged Dimension, along with MRMC and White Light, with a brief to create a brand new studio that brings fans even closer to the action. From there, the Cube was born: a virtual studio built for the most innovative in-depth analysis and visualisation of sporting action. 

The Eurosport Cube is a virtual world that remotely connects the players at New York's US Open and Paris's Roland Garros with guests, hosts and experts from anywhere in the world.

The future of sports broadcasting

The mixed reality studio, launched during this year’s US Open Grand Slam, is built in Unreal Engine, running in the Cube smart stage environment. Rather than presenting in a green screen environment, the host can see and interact with the content around them.

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Unlimited possibilities

The virtual studio is a rich multimedia experience designed to present multiple sports with a rapid turnaround time, enabling functionality such as the beaming in of players for mixed reality interviews. 

Further technologies integrated in the Cube are set to be unveiled in 2021.  

Image credit: Eurosport

Lights, camera, action

The sophisticated virtual studio is 4m x 4m, made up of over four million LED pixels and can be constructed in one day.  

The Eurosport Cube is fully customisable so all aspects of the scene and lighting can be controlled, and the push of a button triggers an event, from opening a window to setting the text on a marquee ticker. 

“The Cube will transform how fans connect with tennis and the players, bringing to life technical nuances and analysing play like never before” 

Andrew Georgiou | President of Eurosport and Global Sports Rights and Sports Marketing Solutions

"The Eurosport Cube pushes the realism and quality of virtual studios bringing new levels of creative control to deliver a richer, more innovative and engaging fan experience. Watch this space!"

Simon Windsor | Joint Managing Director, Dimension

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