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Metashima: The MAG

Metashima initiates a new phase with real-time customisation of its collectable virtual robots.

The Metashima team presents the MAG: Phase One – a 3D virtual space that fuses real-time and blockchain technology to customise, interact, and animate virtual collectibles.


Metashima, the virtual companions brought to life through our auto-generative 3D product system, now introduce the MAG – our first virtual space to interact with Metashima.

Powered by Unreal Engine

Built entirely using Unreal Engine and incorporating blockchain technology, the MAG is a state-of-the-art facility, located on a secluded island.

Phase One: Unveiled

Phase One of the MAG introduces the island and the vast living space through fly-through explorations, as well as the Lab – a 3D configurator for Metashima.

The 3D Configurator

The Lab provides a top-tier, real-time 3D rendering experience of Metashima. A place to interact, animate, and customise – with the ability to add accessories and skin packs.

Infinite Possibilities

Today’s launch signifies our virtual product pipeline. Our auto-generative system can create infinite virtual products, a 3D configurator for real-time customisation, and integrate blockchain for any virtual entertainment experience.

“As mixed reality technologies become an increasing part of our everyday lives, companions will explore the potential of virtual products. With Metashima, Dimension has created a Virtual Product Engine that can be harnessed for products to co-exist as our real and virtual worlds continue to merge."

Simon Windsor | Co-founder and CEO, Dimension & Co-Creator Metashima

The MAG and Beyond

The MAG will become your 3D workshop and training dojo, your base station and portal to other metaverse worlds.

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