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Metashima: Metaverse robots and Web3 experience

Your AI robot companion for the Metaverse and beyond

Dimension has created Metashima, a new Web3 entertainment experience which begins with a collection of 3D NFT droids. In time, your Metashima will connect to the things you love, help you to explore virtual worlds, make new friends, and conquer new frontiers. 

Watch: Metashima Assemble

A robot revolution

Metashima ‘Lightning’ is the first product from 'Obsidian Robotics'. The first drop features 4,720 unique 3D robots, released as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT grants holders access to their Metashima and provides an entry point to a much bigger Web3 experience.

Meticulous design

Every aspect of the Metashima has been carefully designed, from physical attributes and multimedia capabilities to personality, character and movements. The design considers roadmap features, utilities and interoperability between virtual worlds.

The Factory

To create Metashima, the team built ‘The Factory’ - a powerful 3D NFT and trait management system that auto-generates each unique Metashima. It is capable of creating billions of individually crafted robots. The Factory can build robots but also be used for future 3D NFTs and the virtual products that Obsidian Robotics has planned.

Mod your Metashima

Metashima are designed to be modular and customisable. The team is dropping new equipment, starting with Accessory Pack 01; fully-loaded accessories with a unique power and ability. Prepare for action.


Web3 projects are only as strong as the communities that back them, and the Shima community has been incredible. Our team focused on organic growth, favouring quality over quantity from day one. This approach, combined with the unique aspirations of the project, has helped build a one-of-a-kind community - passionate followers, artists and contributors, who have been absolutely key to the project's success to date. 

"It was fundamental for us to deliver an efficient and first-class launch to our community. By optimising our smart contract to the latest ERC721A standard, gas fees were minimised for multiple purchases. Hats off to our brilliant smart contract developers."

Yush Kalia | Sales Director, Dimension & co-Creator Metashima

The story continues

Lightning sold out in the first week, and during challenging market conditions. Watch this space for the delivery of the next phases of our roadmap, accessories, the MAG (a 3D virtual space), and release of the Shadow collection. This is just the beginning.

"Dimension is a pioneer of mixed reality storytelling and content creation, with a history for innovation and introducing technologies to help advance the Metaverse...

"Metashima is designed as a next generation Web3 entertainment experience, building on our expertise to push the boundaries even further and co-create new possibilities with our amazing community and collaborators."

Simon Windsor | Co-CEO of Dimension and Creator of Metashima

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