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Sam Smith x Spotify Diamonds AR

Futuristic holographic music experience brings Sam Smith’s “Diamonds” to life on Spotify Canvas

Volumetric Grammy-winner Sam Smith stars in the first-ever three-dimensional AR artwork to be featured on Spotify, allowing fans to engage in brand new ways.

Video courtesy of POWSTER

The future of album artwork

In a project led by POWSTER, alongside Universal Music Group and Capitol Records UK, Dimension created a volumetric version of megastar Sam Smith to feature in a special dual-phone Spotify Canvas version of his Diamonds video.

A new way to engage

The "Diamonds" experience is the first to use 8th Wall's image target augmented reality technology to trigger and track multiple volumetric video captures, creating a truly holographic experience. Sam Smith's performance was captured in London at Dimension, a Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio.

Immersed in Diamonds

Fans can view a miniature AR-version of the star from all angles, interacting with the video to release a shower of on-screen diamonds. 

“The marriage of Sam’s art and imagination, coupled with innovative technology, allowed the creation of this groundbreaking experience that will live on within the metaverse eternally and no doubt inspire others”

George Harb | Vice President Digital Marketing & Innovation, Universal Music Group

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