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SK Telecom - Changdeok ARirang

A new dawn for cultural experiences

Working with Nexus, we were able to bring the King and Queen of the Joseon Dynasty to life in augmented reality for the reopening of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Changdeok Palace.  This virtual tour immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and colourful stories once hidden in the past.

18th Century Royalty Resurrected in AR

Courtesy of Nexus Studio

Step into the past

This incredible experience points to the rich mixed reality future of cultural and tourism experiences. It was made possible by bringing state-of-the-art 4K volumetric capture together with mobile AR and 5G technologies.

Captured on the revolutionary Polymotion Stage, Nexus Studios worked painstakingly with a board of cultural advisors to ensure every detail within the headdresses, shoes and costumes worn by the actors were accurately depicted in the capture.

Participants have the opportunity to sample authentic customs and activities of the Joseon Dynasty, visitors can practice archery with the Joseon Prince.

Thank you to Nexus Studio for the great project, video and images.

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