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Sky Sports: Golf Open

Analysis from every angle.

At the 148th Open Championship, Sky Sports launched Sky Scope: its new free-viewpoint swing analysis segment. Featuring an incredible use of volumetric capture technology, it allows a full 360-degree inspection of a golfer’s swing and for pundits to analyse it like never before.

Nick Dougherty explains how filming works

Video courtesy of Sky Sports

New technology. New possibilities.


The golfers were filmed in MRMC and Dimension’s new Polymotion Stage, the world’s first mobile 3-in-1 solution volumetric capture studio. Set up right on the practice range, golfers were in-and-out within minutes and their holograms were aired on Sky Sports only 48 hours later.

“You’ve never seen a golf swing from in front, because the ball is coming at you and it’s a dangerous place to be. Now you’re seeing it and that’s quite a wow factor.”

Jason Wessely | Head of Golf, Sky Sports

“You can pause at any moment you want and analyse any intricacy that makes that golfer unique. I think it’s one of the most innovative steps forward we’ve ever had in sports broadcast analysis.”

Duncan East | Head of Directors & Creative, Sky Sports

“There is a real reason why we’re doing this, but at the same time you’ve got to have the viewer going ‘that’s amazing’. I think we’ve absolutely got that balance right.”

Jason Landau | Design Director, Sky Sports

Sky Scope resurrected for The Masters


Following their success at The Open 2019, the volumetric golfers returned for Sky Sports' coverage of The Masters 2020. With the UK and much of the US in lockdown, the holograms meant enhanced and extended coverage, delivered from a remote studio. 

Sky Scope has won awards for its technical innovation at both the Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards and the SVG Sports TV Awards.

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