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Virtual Production Innovation Series

Sky Studios, Dimension and DNEG lead industry-first Virtual Production collaboration 

Dimension, DNEG, Sky Studios, and UK creative partners present insights and learnings from their industry-first VP collaboration launching a series of six mini-documentaries across a six-week schedule with Broadcast Now.

The project was conceived and produced by Dimension, DNEG, and Sky Studios, and filmed at Arri's Uxbridge studio with support from partners Creative Technology and NEP Group. The production was directed by two-time Oscar-winner and DNEG Creative Director Paul Franklin (Interstellar, Inception). 

Virtual Production Innovation Project – Trailer


The Virtual Production Innovation Project was designed to explore the state-of-the-art in virtual production testing different workflows and scenarios with the aim of sharing insights and expertise to the wider creative community and helping to upskill the next generation of creative talent. 

Game-changing results

The results from the project are being released through March and April as a mini-doc series, discussing the tests that the team conducted and demonstrating some of the advantages and versatility of virtual production for capturing in-camera VFX and final pixel shots using an LED volume.

Six-part mini-doc series

The project has been edited into a series of six short videos, each offering a deep dive into a specific scene and virtual production objective. The series will cover Lighting, Tracking, Simulcam, In-camera effects, Scanning, and 360 Photospheres.

Key learnings

The mini-edits will provide a comprehensive and insightful view of the state-of-the-art technology, techniques, achievements, key learnings, and demonstrate the versatility of virtual production across a range of genres, for broadcast productions as well as feature films. Each edit includes narration by key members of the VP team unearthing their findings and sharing their expertise.

Interactive Lighting

In this episode, interactive lighting on an LED wall is being explored to demonstrate how it influences realistic reflections in its environment. Read further in the exclusive Broadcast interview here

Camera Tracking

Episode 2 puts camera tracking to the test in an LED volume with live puppeteering and physical prop tracking. Read further in the exclusive Broadcast interview here.


Episode 3 explores Simulcam. VP Supervisor Callum Macmillan and DOP Dale McCready explain what Simulcam is and the benefits of using it in an LED volume. Read further in the exclusive Broadcast interview here.

In-Camera Effects

Episode 4 explores the benefits of using an LED stage and getting realistic, authentic in-camera effects versus a green screen and adding them in post-production. Read further in the exclusive Broadcast interview here.

Scanning The Ritzy

In Episode 5, the crew behind the VPIP use 3D scanning and photogrammetry to test building a well-known landmark, The Ritzy in Brixton, on a virtual production LED volume. Read further in the exclusive Broadcast interview here.

360 Photospheres

Episode 6 explores how 360 Photospheres work, their benefits and their drawbacks with key creatives behind the Virtual Production Innovation Project. Read further in the exclusive Broadcast interview here.

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