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10th September 2020
Dimension projects selected for BFI’s prestigious new LFF Expanded

All Kinds of Limbo and Missing Pictures chosen for BFI's virtual exhibition

Two of Dimension’s volumetric productions will be shown at the bespoke virtual exhibition LFF Expanded at the BFI London Film Festival, 7-18 October 2020.

All Kinds of Limbo and Missing Pictures will be part of the festival’s new dedicated strand of XR and immersive art, featuring virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and live immersive performance. Both productions feature volumetric captures created with Dimension, a Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture partner.

The virtual exhibition space, The Expanse, will house a virtual gallery and theatre which will be accessible via Oculus TV and the dedicated LFF 360 Player via WebXR, viewable in mobile VR-headsets.

National Theatre's All Kinds of Limbo

Selected for the first annual LFF Expanded

All Kinds of Limbo is an original piece of music and performance using immersive technologies and a life-size volumetric capture to take audiences on a unique musical journey, inspired by the National Theatre’s production of Small Island. National Theatre created All Kinds of Limbo alongside Dimension, All Seeing Eye and Accenture.

Missing Pictures – Birds of Prey is a VR documentary series bringing to light stories of incredible film ideas that have never been seen before. It features award-winning director Abel Ferrara, whose feature Siberia is also playing in the festival. Missing Pictures is produced by Atlas V and features volumetric capture by Dimension.

Missing Pictures - Birds of Prey

Visit the BFI London Film Festival or experience at home. You'll find details on the BFI LFF website

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