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8th March 2022
International Women’s Day: Spotlight on the Women of Dimension

For this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD), we’ve put the spotlight on some of our talented women at Dimension who have each shown our collective support for IWD by striking the 2022 pose to #BreakTheBias

All of these women have broken the systemic bias in their respective career journeys and serve as inspiration for the next generation of women in our industry. 

Learn about their individual accomplishments, their female inspirations, how they see the industry striving to break the bias, and take away their invaluable advice to empower other women working in the industry.

Lauren Dyer – Director of Strategic Partnerships

Lauren leads the evaluation and execution of strategic partnerships in conjunction with existing and prospective partners at Dimension. With a specific focus on negotiating project streams and long term partnerships. Building relationships across C Suite and senior leadership teams in brand, broadcast, and advertising. Lauren sources and cultivates new potential opportunities in the metaverse, virtual humans, and virtual production.

She joined Dimension after having gained a wealth of experience working within the Production and Media industries, such as The Mill, MediaMonks, Stink Studios and Dentsu Aegis in senior New Business roles. 

Who are your female inspirations?

Anna Wintour - she helped revolutionise the fashion scene, in a world full of men. She helped shape the way women would look at fashion. During her time at Vogue, she has become a template for the modern alpha female. From front rows to boardrooms.True Icon.

Maria Eitel - a true pioneer for social change. Creating the theory "The Girl Effect" - based on the idea that adolescent girls have the unique potential to stop poverty before it starts. Putting girls on the global agenda with the goal of eradicating global poverty. What an inspiration.

Patty Jenkins - when you look back at some of the most iconic female-led films of the last decade or so Wonder Woman would be on many lists, Patty brought a somewhat dusty female icon back to the screens and gave her a new lease of life for new audiences. Quoting the woman herself - “Wonder Woman’ is More Than Just a Superhero Film, It’s a Call to Action" she owes her success in Hollywood to pure perseverance.

How is the industry breaking the bias to you?

Seeing more women on boards and coming through as CEOs. Allowing women to have a voice and be leaders in the production space. There is still a way to go but it's fantastic to see progress.

What advice would you give to a woman following a similar path to you?

Surround yourself with good, varied mentors, believe in yourself to succeed, be open to learning new skills, understand your role will evolve, change and be open to that. Reading and watching as much as possible, for inspiration, education and to widen your creative mind.

Lastly, manifest manifest manifest. If you want it enough, your determination and dedication will find a way.

Stacia Pfeiffer – Producer

Stacia Pfeiffer is a producer at Dimension Studio. She currently works across projects in VR and VP. She has 20 years of experience in production and technical support for music festivals and live events. She has an MA in Immersive Storytelling and is currently prototyping hardware for mixed AV connectivity in immersive experiences through funding from the Creative Clusters. 

Who are your female inspirations?

I was very lucky to grow up with strong female role models. When I was young, my mother, a microbiologist, was the sole breadwinner for a time. I used to wake up at 5 am to join her for her morning workout, before she left for the day. I loved seeing her work in the lab, and developed a curiosity about the world, watching her fascination with the Microverse. I was also strongly influenced by my aunt, a CEO and tech founder. Her counsel has helped me develop confidence, encouraged me to take risks, and continue to grow as a leader.

What advice would you give to a woman following a similar path to you?

The biggest change in my career came after the decision to complete my degree, and earn a Masters. I would encourage anyone who is unsure of the next step to consider furthering their education. The opportunity to explore, prototype, learn new methods, to keep up with evolving technologies, to glimpse the future of the industry - is invaluable. I left my master's program with a solid foundation of knowledge, and an entire portfolio of new concepts to develop. It’s not the degree itself I found most important, but the connections I made. Your peers become a foundation of support and strength.

How is the industry breaking the bias to you?

Tech industries can be intimidating to outsiders. Working for years in events, I often found myself the only woman, even on crews reaching into the hundreds. Eventually, I met other women and joined a group supporting female techs in the industry. I found this kinship to be invaluable. If you are on the edge of your industry, I think you’re in an excellent position to look for a new opportunity. There are so many grants, scholarships, and support systems in place to encourage minorities in the industry to break through, learn new skills. Help and support are always available. 

Adrianna Polcyn – Volumetric Capture Lead

Adrianna is a visual artist, working as a Volumetric Capture Lead at Dimension. Having always had a strong interest in Film and VFX from a young age, recording silly videos in her basement with an old camcorder – her passion transformed into her profession. She believes in striving for what you enjoy and to keep motivating yourself to be better.   

Who are your female heroes? Or Who are your female career inspirations?

Today I celebrate one and only “Kora” the Polish queen of rock, a lead singer of the band Maanam. Even though she was a musician, I look up to her as she’s always been a fierce lady who knew her way through every obstacle, especially in difficult times in Poland in the male-dominated music industry. The mark she made on polish music is outstanding and her legacy still lives and will live forever.

How is the industry breaking the bias to you?

I see more diversity in leading positions and companies giving women a voice in more substantial projects. the Volumetric Capture team is also female-led and I support hiring more females in the VFX industry.

What advice would you give to a woman following a similar path to you?

Be passionate about your ambitions and dedicate your time to develop your skills and you’ll get seen regardless of the industry in which you’re in.

Kim Curtin – Operations Director

Kim is our Operations Director with over 20 years of experience in professional imagery, technical lighting (DOP), production, and studio operations. Kim manages a team and technologies which builds, runs, and improve cutting-edge on-set systems. She has extensive experience directing and motivating teams to ensure the successful outcome of all projects. 

Who are your female heroes? Or Who are your female career inspirations?

Emmeline Pankhurst: English political activist who helped win voting rights for British women.

Marie Curie: Polish-born French scientist who became one of the most important scientists of the 20th century.

How is the industry breaking the bias to you?

This industry is built on creativity and innovation. Not only are women becoming a more integral part of these processes. They are shaping them. Although there is still some way to achieve gender equality, especially in leadership roles, there is a recognition that, "a rising tide lifts all boats" meaning everyone benefits from diverse industries.

What advice would you give to a woman following a similar path to you?

I think a lot of people suffer from imposter syndrome, especially women, we struggle with limiting beliefs, it is important to be bold, to be kind to each other but most of all believe in yourself. It is native to think that there is no sexism, there is still so much to be done, each person has a responsibility to nurture, encourage and champion each other regardless of gender.

IWD is a fantastic way to focus on struggles women still face, as well as the positive advancements, it's up to everyone, especially leaders to change bias towards women.

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