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14th November 2022
NFT London 2022

Hosted by NFT NYC as the first ever major NFT event in the UK, NFT London brought speakers from more than 160 countries together for a series of talks and discussion panels touching on everything Metaverse, web3, and NFT.

Spread out across 5 floors, each level focused on one of the following sectors: fashion, music, sports, gaming, and education. Accompanying these themes were various booths from up and coming NFTs.

Representing Metashima, Creators Simon Windsor and Yush Kalia attended the event alongside Tessa Waldock of the Dimension and Metashima marketing team. Utilising 8th Wall’s AR app, they were able to showcase their Metaverse droids in augmented reality.

As a consistent innovator in the realm of NFTs, Metashima was proud to share a space with like-minded creators. Join us for NFT NYC 2023 this April as we continue to push the boundaries of metaverse, web3, and NFT technology.

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