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7th May 2020
The Studio is Open

Safe shooting at Dimension during lockdown

Dimension’s London studio has reopened and is available for volumetric shoots from today. Our experienced production team has worked hard to develop a set-up and ‘safe shoot’ conditions that follow Government guidelines on Covid-19, without compromising production quality.

In accordance with the APA, we have implemented strict protocols to communicate and manage the risks, ensuring the safety of all cast and crew on set, and are prepared to deliver successful productions.

Protocols include limits on numbers of people present, consistent adherence to the 2m social distancing rule put in place by the Government, strict use of PPE and regular temperature checks. The Dimension studio will be sanitised by professional cleaners before and after the shoot. 

Dimension's London Studio is Open

Remote directing capabilities are available via Zoom, giving all invitees a live feed of the action and a wide selection of camera viewpoints. The lines of communication will remain open and feedback will be welcomed. 

Measures have been put into place to ensure the health and safety of all involved and also the general public, such as remote management of all pre-production and requesting all attendees drive themselves to a shoot.

For a full list of measures and more information on how you can use the Dimension studio, please get in touch. For the latest government health alerts and public restrictions, please visit 

Remote VR collaboration

Outside of the studio, Dimension is mindful that travel is difficult in these circumstances and has developed solutions for team collaboration in virtual environments. 

Collaboration in VR using our XR visualisation toolkit

From story development to pitch-viz, pre-viz and tech-viz, Dimension has developed a remote development solution and toolkits to enable collaboration for pre-production in VR.  

Our XR visualisation toolkit uses VR and AR to build virtual scenes to perfect scale, so you can act out and record action using mo-cap, place virtual lights and cameras, and test every aspect of your production.

Please get in touch to discuss.

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