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12th May 2021
Sustainable virtual production in spotlight in Broadcast Tech

In a special edition of Broadcast Tech magazine produced for this year's Media Production & Technology Show, virtual production is highlighted as opening the door to a world of creativity, making film production possible and ever more sustainable in an industry hit by lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Read the issue in full:

Dimension spoke to journalist Tim Dams (pg. 6-9), who highlighted the Gunslinger production as an early test of using LED walls and realtime engines in virtual production.

Gunslinger - a virtual production

Co-founder and joint managing director Steve Jelley chatted to NVidia EMEA head of media entertainment Jamie Allan about the potential of virtual production pipelines to be more efficient than traditional filmmaking pipelines (pg. 10-12). He looked forward to what the future might bring.

“Volumetric technology is rapidly converging with virtual production...we’re working on volumetric background characters and crowds, further saving on manpower and carbon emissions and empowering the film industry to be leaner and greener.”

Broadcast Tech - sustainable virtual production

Read the issue in full:

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