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National Theatre: All Kinds of Limbo

All the world’s a virtual stage.

The National Theatre’s musical VR experience All Kinds of Limbo transports audiences into a vibrant theatrical world inspired by the influence of West Indian culture on the UK music scene.

Behind the scenes of the VR experience

Into the music

Volumetrically-captured performances by musicians Nubiya Brandon and Raffy Bushman, alongside the NuShape Orchestra, bring to life an immersive musical journey that collapses the boundaries between theatre and virtual reality.

“You can never tell people what they should feel when they come and see something. All I can hope is that my story relates to their story. Bring a fresh pair of eyes and a warm heart.”

Nubiya Brandon | Principal Performer 

An intimate, immersive performance


Volumetric capture brings this to life by binding the emotional connection between the audience and principal performer, Nubiya Brandon. Being able to walk up and around her as she sings breaks down the invisible barriers of a traditional stage performance and enhances the connection.

“All Kinds of Limbo offers a peek into the kind of technology that will likely shape future theatre shows”

Rut Gjefsen | CultureWhisper

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